Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weekend Retreat

In the city of High Point North Carolina used to be an old tourist attraction most likely from the 1930's-1940's from my best guess and is unknown by many to this day as Carter Town, it sat on the outskirts of the city limits though only about a ten minute drive from the cities center.
I was fortunate back in the 1980's to know someone who owned the land that purchased it from the family who once owned and operated it for many years, it was a small scale place most likely known only to local families and groups during its hey day, it sat off the main road on some old farm property as a dirt road took you down to the old mill and covered bridge (shown here), there also were numerous old structures and cabins on the land some that were relocated from other areas in the county and were set up as part of the exhibit.

From what I understand the creek was used for gold panning during the 1800's and also years later when it became an attraction but as time went on its wealth dwindled away, though I admit I had to gold pan it for myself a few times to make sure, unfortunately with zero results.

The old Ford truck belonged to me and made a great prop for the shot while I spent many of weekends there as sort of a cheap getaway, the last I heard about this place after I moved away was that my friend sold it to someone in the 1990's and I think it was scheduled to be torn down soon afterward.

I was fortunate enough to be part of its memories even though it was just for a few short years, I wish I knew more about its history but I'm having no luck researching it online.