Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Glen Island Castle

The Glen Island castle was built in Germany and reconstructed at its new home in New Rochelle New York in the late 1800's and was part of John Starin's resort, after many changes over the decades since its conception it became part of The Glen Island Casino's surroundings, a popular place during the WW2 era where many of the Big Bands played often.
The castle still stands today though mostly abandoned, the last I remember and at the time of this photograph in 1981 it was used for the storage of the local Iona College's rowing team's boats and supplies.


Dee said...

Thank you for posting this. That explains to me the stone above the top left of one of the arches with the inscription "Blurnburg Rarthansin 1171." I love that castle!

Richard Rizzo said...

Thank you Dee for commenting.
I wish I had more information on it other then that, I'm hoping in the future more will come available over the internet about the castle's history before it was bought to New Rochelle.