Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lyndonville AFS (Abandoned)

East Mountain in Vermont once housed the Air Forces ground-based air facility for the military. Originally named the North Concord Air Force Station it was constructed in 1952, in 1961 it reported a UFO sighting that lasted roughly eighteen minutes and a few hours before the alleged abduction of Barney and Betty Hill that was made famous by a book and later by a TV movie starring James Earl Jones and Estelle Parsons in 1975. In 1962 the Air Force Station's name was changed to The Lyndonville AFS and a year later in 1963 it was deactivated and closed down.
The abandoned radar buildings and barracks came under years of decay and abuse followed by the closing of the road to the mountain a few years after this photograph was taken in 1997. The last I heard plans were made for the land to become a wind farm for the surrounding towns.
A great report on the area with images can be found here and is well worth a look.

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