Friday, January 23, 2009

Life after Death

As gloomy as it may sound I find walking through graveyards very relaxing and sometimes a place where great photographic opportunities exist.
Take this shot for example, where in an abstract kind of imagination the life of the tree almost appears to have taken on the spirit of the young departed, both tree and headstone being quite old.

This was taken in an older section of a fairly large cemetery somewhere in North Carolina which also shows other graves from the 1800's with both children and adults. I look at this headstone and imagine a young family that moved to the south from the north during the time of the civil war or soon after and losing this adolescent to perhaps either sickness or another type of accident.

Though originally photographed in 35mm color I decided to convert it to black and white for the reasons of both contrast and mood.


Wolf said...

wonderful picture.
i do the same with new england cemetaries.

Richard Rizzo said...

Thank you Wolf for your encouraging words, I'm glad i i'm not the only one out there who enjoys it. :)

Sherrlyn Borkgren said...

Great picture.It feels like a relaxing picture. Quiet serene.
I know what you mean about relaxing in graveyards. I take my dog to one very old graveyard for walks and play.

Richard Rizzo said...

Thank you Sherrlyn, They are great place to visit and most of the time peacefuller then a public park but nighttime can get a bit spooky in one though. :)

Mike said...

Richard, Here is a link to a poem I wrote on graveyards, thought you might find this interesting!:)

The Forgotten Graveyard

A small forgotten graveyard,

Nestled amidst the trees.

Adults and children buried,

Stone markers left to appease.

Grass and thorns wrap around,

Each place of final rest.

Memories of a last embrace,

A distant one at very best.

My daughter and I gaze onto,

Forgotten unkempt stones.

What happened to these children?

My daunted daughter moans.

Sickness took them all away,

To early my sweet child.

Most were born destined to die,

But some lived quite a while.

My eyes flood full with tears,

We continue on our walk.

Thank you Lord for my daughter,

for our time and this talk.

The small forgotten graveyard

Dwells deep within my heart,

For now I know that someday,

My girl and I will part.

Richard Rizzo said...

Great job Mike, that is quite impressive and very fitting with this post.