Friday, January 30, 2009

Inside The Roundhouse

Photographing abandoned places could perhaps be said as capturing a fragment of ones own personality as well as the viewers who admire and connects to such genre.
Being able to communicate visually ones point of view to another with such interest and enthusiasm is an art in itself especially when your subject matter is about decrepit, decaying and abandonment it's much different and more challenging then photographing beautiful landscapes but being able to accomplish this with just natural lighting and without any fancy effects makes it most unique and rewarding.

This monochrome image was taken at the Spencer Shops in North Carolina in the early 1980's inside the now restored roundhouse, the natural light coming from the upper windows sheds it as needed to give it the necessary mood that I was wanting to convey while the exposed post and beams of the structure along with the old locomotives being stored adds the theme.


Mark Brown said...

That's a beautiful shot. As a current employee of the N.C. Transportation Museum (what Spencer Shops has become over the past 20 years) it is especially meaningful to me to see the state of the Roundhouse then, versus the current, restored Roundhouse. Great work!

Richard Rizzo said...

Thank you Mark I really appreciate the kind comment and update especially coming from a current employee of the NCTM, I no longer live in the state and haven't visited there in years but the Spencer Shop was always a favorite place of mine to visit since the early 1980's and I look forward to seeing it again someday.