Sunday, January 18, 2009

Georgia Farmhouse

Sometimes taking backroads has its benefits, this old abandoned farmhouse was outside of the historic town of Andersonville Georgia where I stopped for the first time to shoot a few photographs on the way home from Tennessee back in 1997, the countryside was gorgeous and while leaving the historic town I decided to take a route that was a bit out of the way of the main highway but well worth it.

Like out of a novel, the miles and miles of lonely roads filled with farm's and abandoned structures bought me to a transitory state, It was a great opportunity of the senses and I could easily visualize the historic past coming to life before me as I drive past the forlorn aged dwellings. This image was a result of my experience of this area it captures the feel of a families past, their dreams and hopes that as time went on and generations past, slowly declined into an almost dreamy death.

This was photographed using Kodak 35mm Infrared b/w film and Pentax camera.


Sherrlyn Borkgren said...

Gorgeous well shot Farmhouse. Great work!

Richard Rizzo said...

Thank you Sherrlyn, I thought about trying to find this place again (I can't remember the exact location) and photograph it again, it was a cool place.

Sherrlyn Borkgren said...

It looks like a infrared shot. I keept thinking about converting one of my cameras into infrared--when I get one more (ha ha). That would be great if you could find it again and cover it through the seasons. But maybe you can find something similar.
I just finished an engagement shoot. Come on by.

Richard Rizzo said...

Indeed it is infrared 35mm film unfortunately its no longer sold by Kodak as of November 07, I'm not to familiar with digital cameras quite yet (I'm still learning) on how to set them up to take infrared but I know Paint Shop Pro V2 has an effect that's similar to it.