Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Old Mule

Rural communities are true treasures in my opinion you can always find unique subjects to photograph such as this antique McCormick-Deering tractor.

These tractors were sold around the world and built for life, this one looks to be a 10-20 model built in the early 1920's it has a four cylinder kerosene engine, steel wheels, pulley drive and crank starter that enhances its character far more then today's modern tractor.

The old white barn with its faded and scaling paint made a great backdrop while the red window accented the rusty old mule making it take center stage in shot.

Information on these old antique tractors and other types can be found on the Antique Farming website.

Photographed in 1997 somewhere in Montana using 35mm film and my Pentax camera.


Eddy G. said...

Looks like a real old workhorse that's seen better days. Great find and a super shot

Richard Rizzo said...

Thank you Eddy G, With some TLC I wouldn't doubt if it can be made to run again. :)